June 11, 2004

Number 9 To Go

Short work day today, unrelated to the National Day of Mourning our country is recognizing. I personally don't feel particularly mournful. I usually try to make my Friday's easy days because, well... because I can.

On my way home, I pulled through the McDonald's drive-in for my favorite PMS Special: a number 9 with a bottle of water. Still had fries left when I arrived home, so I settled into The Green Chair with my flock gathered around. One fry for Detail, one for Cosi, one for Dudley, one for Figero, and several with ketchup for me. Chew, swallow, smile, and repeat.

Who knew the cat liked french fries? Fig eagerly snatched each offering from my fingers and took his prize into the kitchen to devour it in peace. Then he'd return for another. The dogs are another story. When Detail is offered a treat, one must be careful or one's whole hand will get swallowed. Cosi, being of the fairer sex, is much more delicate. Dud positions himself a bit in back of the others, ears perked, and catches each one as it is tossed his direction. They don't move away until I give the "all gone" sign.

All that's missing right now is my girlfriend, who has a real job and has to work real work days on Friday. In fact, I do believe Fridays can be some of her most difficult days.

Hang in there, my dear. Home awaits.


Pisces75 said...

The cat I had as a kid...George..he loved Mickey D's French Fries as well! He would practically stalk you to get one. Glad to see other cats are just a freakish about those fries.

WenWhit said...

One hour to go, m'dear. *smooch*