June 12, 2004

Saturday Night Out with the Girls

Dinner and a movie. I think those two activities make up a pleasant evening out for all ages, sizes, and personalities. Makes a good combo. The only other lesbian couple we know double-dated with us. They are a hoot. Bonnie had purchased a cat stroller and expects Rose to take the cat jogging with her. Rose was less than thrilled with this proposition, but I hope she tries it at least once. It may be fun and the cat may even enjoy it.

We dined at the Majestic Cafe in Old Town. Wendy and I had never been there before, but I walk past it frequently on the days I work down there. Due to the influence of our dining buddies, we started the meal with martinis. Rose sounded like she knew what she was talking about: Stoli martini, straight up with extra green olives. Appealing enough for us all to order one. Yummy.

I ate catfish cooked to moist tender perfection and topped with something crunchy. Not sure what. It came with a type of squash none of us had ever heard of before: chayote. It has a texture similar to cucumber and a very delicate flavor. Quite tasty. Wendy had a steak accompanied by some mushroom risotto patties.

Then we saw The Stepford Wives. Laughed often and it served the purpose of an entertaining distraction. Bette Midler has always been a favorite of mine.

Socialization is important: it gives perspective. Or maybe rather keeps perspective more focused. It's too easy to get wrapped up into one's self. There's a whole wide world out there full of people worth getting to know and it's nice to be a part of it.

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