June 5, 2004

Pets on the Brain

Our menagerie. Not the greatest photos, but I'm not the greatest photographer. Wait. I didn't take these pictures. Wendy shot both of them. That means I'm still in the running for photographer of the year!

This is Detail and Cosine on the landing where they spend a great deal of time napping. They are obviously not napping here, rather just keeping an eye on their abode. Detail's the one with the shiny eyes. In person, his eyes look normal.

This is the infamous Green Chair. It used to belong to my grandfather. He'd sit in it and watch endless hours of football, much to my grandmother's chagrin. Now I get to sit in it and watch endless hours of football since he hasn't needed it for many many years. Isn't that green upholstery the absolutely worst thing you've ever seen? It doesn't match anything else in the room and it clashes with my favorite green sweatshirt. I still love that chair though. Memories are good. Dudley the basset hound has assumed the position he loves to assume whenever anyone sits there. Figero the cat is gracing me with his presence and demanding a stroke or two. I'm happy to oblige.

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