December 22, 2004

All I Want for Christmas Is....

... a door on our bathroom.

Yes, you read that correctly. I've thought quite a bit about it in the last few days. I can't help but think the visitors who will be arriving day after tomorrow would appreciate it too. Just maybe? Plus I really really really don't want to accidently glimpse my mother sitting on the toilet any more than I want my son to accidently glimpse his mother sitting on the toilet. Bathroom doors go a long way in preventing situations like that. Yet now I am chastising myself as I blog for having the nerve to take time out of our frenetic and harried festive and fun holiday preparations to selfishly write about my desire for a door on our bathroom.

I mean really. There are so many other things I should be doing right now. Such as reviewing the holiday meal plans and inventorying the cupboards to make sure I did not forget anything at the grocery. Prepping some dishes in advance. Baking. Making sure the festive decorations for the table are ready to go. I like feeding people. Truly truly I enjoy it.

Oh! I could be putting up the tree. Which at this point I'm contemplating postponing until next December. Indeed, it's a tempting thought. Maybe I'll just hang a few decorations on our poinsettias. Or I could be wrapping presents and tying them with beautiful bows. My sister always creates the most festive packages. I could go without bows altogether myself. But then I see the gift wrapping she creates and I can't help but try to mimic her artistic flair. Don't think I'll get to that this year.

Or I could be laying in bed watching re-runs of Law and Order and snuggling. Or I'm long overdue for losing myself in a novel. I could be doing that. Or sleeping. Oh yeah, I remember sleeping. It's awesome!

But back to the bathroom. Everything else is done in the bathroom. And oh my goodness, Wendy and I are both aquiver about that. Instead of arm wrestling to see which one of us gets to take the first shower, we've just decided to take the first shower together. It's only fitting. A door would be helpful in that regard also.

Yes, everything is done in the bathroom! Except for the door, that is. But it's not for a lack of effort, no sir indeedy. Therein lies a tale for another day.

PS: My girlfriend rocks.


Sam said...

An easy, quick, and cheap door solution. Get a tension rod that is used to hang a shower curtain in tall showers (not the ones for showers in bathtubs). Add rings and a fun, festive shower curtain - ta-da! Instant door! No, it won't block sounds and someone may still walk in by accident, but it's a quick solution. And it's a great excuse to leave the house for a few minutes, perhaps make a side trip to the book store to choose the next novel you decide to read. :)
Happy Holidays!!

WenWhit said...

PS - Your girlfriend thinks you rock, too!

Mr. Math said...

hey I think that it is best to think about yourself and your needs a little during the holidays