December 26, 2004

Moving Right Along!

So yet another Christmas is filed away in the Good Memory File. All the elements were there: food, fellowship, family, fun, friends. The faces were familiar, traditions observed, rituals maintained, the reason for the season reinforced. Yet it was unlike any previous Christmas in some ways and I doubt a future Christmas will closely resemble the one just past.

Things change after all. Sigh.

I learned something about myself. No, not learned. I was reminded of something about myself. Something of which I was already aware yet I hate to acknowledge: three days of hosting company turns me into a frayed bundle of overexposed nerves. For the past twelve hours I have expended a great deal of energy just keeping myself civil, with great success I may add. I don't think anyone even noticed. I hope they didn't.

It's not that I don't enjoy company. It's just that I need my quiet time. Time when no one is asking anything of me. I'm sure at least some of you know what I mean. Maybe there are others out there like me?

My sister understands. When we were passing the phone around last night, I whispered "SK, I really don't feel like talking." And she started to say "Oh but I want to chat with you!" and then she stopped and said "Oh! Well go hide yourself away. Let me talk to The Boy instead. We'll talk another day, okay?"

I still haven't regained my equilibrium despite our company having departed just after lunch today. You see, we've been busily preparing for the next round of company arriving tomorrow.

I can't stop to think about that right now. You see, I'm relaxing and squeezing in a few hours of quiet time with no one asking anything of me.

Don't I sound relaxed?
Oh yeah baby.

Happy holidays, y'all.
But if you need something, ask someone else, okay?


Melodee said...

I absolutely, totally, completely understand. Enjoy your quiet.

Eyes for Lies said...

I, too, am like you. I like to entertain for about four hours sometimes I can take eight -- then I'm done! I need a few hours to unwind :) too. I think it is totally normal. Overnights have me dying for alone time!