December 11, 2004

Found and Lost

A couple weeks ago, when Wendy was craving order, she discovered my long-ago-given-up-for-lost-forgot-I-ever-had umbrella sharing a hanger with one of my winter blazers. She informed me where it was. Cool.

Yesterday I woke up and it was one of those gray-raining-misty-going-to-be-that-way-all-day kind of days. I actually remembered that umbrella. And then even remembered to take it with me when I left the house. I was heading downtown. On the subway. Another thing I remembered was to button the hood onto my rain jacket. I was prepared for a misty-rainy-splashy-wet-public-transportation-walking-in-the-city kind of day.

Parked the car, short walk to the station. I used the umbrella. I used my hood too. I like wearing hoods when it's coldish and wet. Hopped the train and took my favorite seat. Ack. Dripping umbrella! I wrapped it up and set it down on the floor of the train between my foot and the exterior wall. I made a mental note to not forget it when I transferred.

Settled in for the ride.
Transferred at L'Enfant Plaza.
Forgot to remember the umbrella at my feet.

Good thing I had my hood.


Melodee said...

Shoot! Gotta hate losing an umbrella. We here in the rainy Pacific Northwest just don't bother with umbrellas. It's hopeless.

Udge said...

Been there, done that. Several times, in fact, so I bought a collapsible mini-umbrella which fits in my coat pocket. I'll probably still forget it somewhere some day.