December 26, 2004

A Side Note

I must share (I must share... it's some odd compulsion I cannot control) it is truly unfortunate when a Redskins fan (me!) shares her life with a Cowboys fan (Wendy!) and the Redskins manage to lose yet again to the hated Cowboys in the last 40 seconds of what was a truly lame game.

Freaking Redskins.
Freaking Cowboys.
And I don't really mean freaking.
I really mean f**king.
Yeah. That's it.
Much better.
Substitute it and say it aloud yourself.
Isn't it much better?

I will be a good sport I will be a good sport I will be a good sport I will be a good sport....

To be fair, I should note that for the other 14 games of the season, Wendy is a Redskins supporter right along side of me. I cannot say the same for myself and the Cowboys. But I'm working on it. Sort of but not really.


Jennifer said...

I share my life with two life long Cowboy fans.

Me? Have been a Purple People Eater since age 4.

I hate the effin' Cowboys.

Every single Sunday and beyond. :-)

Pisces75 said...

I know that pain. Being a Colts fan for the past 20 years has been painful. Well...except for the past two years. And this year I can't complain at all.

Maybe you could jump on our bandwagon this season??

I would cheer for the Redskins anyday over those stupid Cowboys!

DementedPhotographer said...

LOL. I don't think there's a more fierce competition anywhere in the NFL. Too bad the game sucked. Losing isn't QUITE as bad when you know they fought a good game.