December 7, 2004

Turn and Face the Strange...

While I had some time to myself this morning, I caught up on all the blogs on my blogroll. Check them out folks, there are some interesting thoughts and fabulous people out there.

I was amazed by the number of things that were different. It is interesting to observe that some folks are constantly changing the layout of their blogs. Mel even changed her title.

I've vaguely contemplated changing my layout from time to time. But either from sheer laziness or being uninspired or actually liking my current layout, I've changed nothing. And my title, well, it will stay the same. Change, as you may know, I consider evil. Most of the time.

I did change something. Just one little thing.

I've got my eye on you now. My left eye, to be specific. Although my right eye could have worked too. I hope it doesn't feel left out.

Peaches are still my favorite fruit.
Nothing quite like juice running down one's chin, hmm?

* Title swiped from a David Bowie song.
You know the one.
Sing along?


Eyes for Lies said...

I see your eye :)

gemmak said...

Nice blog, nice eye and thanks for the HTML links :o)

Robin said...

I, too, am amazed by the blogs that people create, the thought and artistry behind them. Yours, especially!

Amelia said...

I want to change the layout of my blog, but it takes me too long to do anything that involves technology... So, even though I want a funky and cool template, for now I'll keep mine as it is.