December 27, 2004

An Early Morning

What the hell was I doing at the office at 7:30 am on the Monday after Christmas?

Why I was reveling in the quiet time! No one else was there and I wasn't even sure if anyone else would be coming in at all. I was fine with that. Fine fine fine fine fine!

I'd have rather been in bed. But circumstances dictated otherwise.

Nothing to complain about anyway. I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise as The Boy chauffeured me up the GW Parkway this morning. Riding in the passenger seat I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the icy vista of the Potomac, a gentle band of pink sky peeking over the horizon growing slowly brighter bit by bit.

There are much worse ways to start the day, after all, and mayhaps not many better.

1 comment:

knickknacks said...

I love working on days when no one else is working... absolute peace and quiet. :)