December 18, 2004

Rocket Ship

There is a tiny rocket ship in my palm.

I first noticed it when I was but a wee gal. Back then I was fascinated with it. Nestled in among the swirls and curls and curves of all those tiny lines on the palm of my hand. It's in the lower left quandrant of my right palm. A rocket ship on my left palm just would be inappropriate, don't you think?

I hadn't thought about that rocket ship in my palm for quite a few years. As an adult, there is so much less time to sit around looking at one's palm and admiring whatever one finds there.

But last weekend I was reminded of the existence of my rocket ship. It pleases me for it to still be there. Forgotten but not gone.

A person needs a few constants in their life.
At least, this person does.


Backblog said...

Hey, nice blog. I'm a nano winner too, and I picked THE SAME winner icon as you. Come and see if you don't believe me ...

Udge said...

We want a photo!

Suzanne said...

Sorry Udge, my digital camera doesn't have enough pixels to pick up my tiny little rocket ship. But maybe I can get someone who has a better one to take one. :)

Stay tuned?