December 6, 2004


Cosine has been moving slower and slower of late. She's a old girl, yes. It's really starting to show. It seems the only place she seems comfortable anymore is on our bed. When she's up there she really sleeps.

Sleeps deeply.
Sleeps heavily.

I remember Detail near the end of his road. I remember hoisting him up on the bed so he could take a nap in a comfortable place. He seemed to sink more deeply into the mattress than before. He weighed less. But he was sinking.

And that is how Cosi sleeps these days. Like she is sinking.


Amelia said...

She must feel safe and comfortable on your bed. It's sad when animals we love get old :(

Unknown said...

Reading about your doggie, I find myself looking at my cat, Bartelby. He's only four, but he moves differently than he used to. He's older, aged somehow. And it makes me tear up to think that someday, he'll sink into the mattress as his own end nears.

I don't think I'll be able to handle it. I hope that Cosine has lots and lots of years left. *crosses fingers*