December 14, 2004

The Day of the Day Before

Tonight I did a little holiday baking. The Boy comes home tomorrow and I want to send something home with his suitemate. The one who drops him off at our doorstep, saving either us a trip to North Carolina or The Boy a boring trip on the train. When I think of it that way, The Boy should be the one baking for his chauffeur. But I'm the mother, so I get to do it. That's a good thing.

I had to hunt for my mixer. I had to climb up on the counter and dig through the depths of the upper cabinets that store items only occasionally used. Last year when I did our holiday baking, I had only my hand mixer. My big mixer was in storage. Along with much of the rest of our kitchen. My precious boxes of kitchen paraphernalia had been gathering dust in storage since we'd moved in August. There was no place to put anything in our new kitchen. You see, we had no upper cabinets...

Ah fuck it.

I can't write about baking holiday goodies tonight. And we've fully recovered from not having upper cabinets so that's not good blog fodder either, although at another time it may have been.

Instead, I'd like to thank those of you who pop in and read my blog. Despite "lesbian" being part of the title and despite the obvious fact that I, Suzanne, the author of this blog, am a lesbian. Or maybe you pop in because "lesbian" is part of the title and because of the obvious fact that I, Suzanne, author of this blog, am a lesbian. Or maybe you pop in for a reason completely unrelated to "lesbian" anything. Whatever. I appreciate your comments. I appreciate your repeat visits. Thank you for listing me on your blogroll. Thank you for your acceptance of me as a multi-faceted human being.

Thank you for not seeing "lesbian" and deciding that means something other than "worthwhile human being". And thanks for sticking up for me when someone else does decide that. Even if you are really just sticking up for yourself but it bleeds over to me so in essence you are really sticking up for me and it's all good, yes?

Meanwhile the cakes turned out perfect. My big mixer has a comfy home to spend the off-season. The Boy will be home tomorrow and the holidays are upon us.

There is just no time for small minds, you know what I mean?


Amelia said...

I never was into labels. I see a good writer and someone that makes me laugh sometimes and I read :)

Hope you and the boy have a great Christmas.

Udge said...

Yeah, what Amelia said.

I don't read sexualities or colours or political beliefs, or religions. I read people, and I differentiate the good/interesting/funny from the bad/stupid/boring.

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/Happy Kwanza (strike out where not applicable).

Unknown said...

Sure, I first starting reading your blog because of the lesbian bit. After all, I'm 26, have few lesbian role models, was looking for someone out there with a normal life that they didn't mind sharing on their blog to give me a sense of hope and a sense of stable. I've stuck around because a) you're cool and b) you're generally the kind of human I aspire to be. Feel special! You're the role model to a 26 year-old stranger simply because you're cool, normal, and sane.

And you redid your bathroom, that right there is deserving of awe and worship.

Robin said...

Love that post, sweetie! Enjoy the holidays, you guys!

WenWhit said...

"And you redid your bathroom, that right there is deserving of awe and worship."

Spoken like a true lesbian, Nickie. :)

Princess Wild Cow said...

You know, kiddo, the thing that impresses me the most about you is the total ease you have with yourself. It reminds the world that regardless of who you are, we all go through the same things, in the same ways. Although, I was taken aback when my daughter came out to me as a heterosexual at age 12. Many happy holidays to you and yours, and thank you.

Trish said...

You're a lesbian?!?!?!

~Trish ;)

Jennifer said...

There's not much for me to say that hasn't been said above. It's all about the interesting, introspective, thoughtful, funny, and talented person. Not the tags.

Di said...

Oh, yeah, it DOES say "Lesbian" in the title.

(It was the "Suburban" thang that caught my eye.)

: )

I like your writing. And our templates are the same! (I heart Blogger!)

Melodee said...

I will hang out with the good writers, the fun people, the witty girls, whether or not they have a "Wendy" or not. You rock.