December 29, 2004


I've had the good fortune to ring in the New Year at the beach for about sixteen of the past twenty years. North Carolina. The Outer Banks. One of my favorite places in the universe.

There are tales to tell of those annual adventures, but I'm not getting into that now. What I am getting into is preparing to depart for this year's annual event. We leave this morning.

Soon after Wendy and I get underway, The Boy will be boarding a train heading in the opposite direction. New York City. The Big Apple! He's off to have adventures of his own.

We, Wendy and I, are not seeking adventure. We are seeking downtime, and the beach in winter is a delightful place for doing nothing or everything or anything in between.

I'm packing a bag full of books, multiple pairs of pajamas, and not much else. Sounds good, doesn't it? Oh yeah baby, it does.

There will be others. Other people, that is. This year, as in other years, Wendy and I will be the token lesbian couple among the people with whom we are traveling. For that matter we will be the only lesbians, period, coupled or not. Perhaps one of our resolutions for the new year should be to make friends with more lesbians. But why? Friends are friends. Does their sexuality matter? Obviously not.

Here's a wish for a Happy New Year, no matter with whom you like to sleep. Y'all behave.


Amelia said...

Have a great time... And a happy and safe New Year :)

Eyes for Lies said...

Your trips sounds heavenly. Wish I could come with you!

Jennifer said...

I am so, so jealous. Have a wonderful time, and here's to a brilliant 2005!

Melodee said...

Friends are friends, that's for sure. Sure wish I was going to the beach in winter. Happy New Year!

Pisces75 said...

I hope the beach was fabulous! Happy 2005!