December 1, 2004

HB Wen!

Today is my wonderful girlfriend's birthday.
Happy birthday, Wendy! Je t'aime bien.

We are going out for dinner. Her choice of restaurant. She's leaning toward Taco Lucas, which is as informal as the name sounds and serves a cross of Mexican and El Salvadorian style food. It's good stuff.

If it wasn't for Taco Lucas, I may never have discovered the joy of pupusas served with spicy shredded cabbage. My life would seem so empty without the occasional pupusa to tantalize my tastebuds.

One thing about Taco Lucas: we invariably eat too much. Because it's good. And the portions are generous.

Another thing which could be deemed unrelated but is actually quite relevant: we have both gained weight since we quit smoking. I'm almost comfortable in my regular clothes. Until I eat something. Any something. Even a small something. Then I feel like a sausage stuffed into a casing three sizes too small.

I wonder if I can convince the Birthday Girl it would be perfectly appropriate to wear our pajama pants out to dinner tonight?

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Eyes for Lies said...

Happy Birthday to Wendy!

Ha! I like the idea of wearing PJ pants to dinner. If only...

Lately, I've been feeling like a sausage in the wrong-sized casing too. Bah hum bug. I still have a whole month to go. I'm worried :(