December 21, 2004


I was watching Cosine sleep yesterday evening.

Which beats the hell out of watching her wander around running into walls and tripping over items on the floor. She paces often, never seemingly able to find a comfortable place to settle down. We try to help her. She enjoys massages. We stroke her and speak in soothing tones. But we're not offering what she needs. Because still she paces. Until she finally settles down. And sleeps. At times I watch her. Like last night.

I was thinking about her brother, Detail, who died this past summer. I was thinking about Detail's obituary. I was thinking about how I began writing his obituary months before he actually died. I was thinking how the process of saying goodbye began with me sitting down to write that obituary. And how the simple act of writing about him somehow made it easier to say goodbye.

I'm overdue to start writing hers, I think.
Cosine's farewell.
Because writing it will help.
I know it for sure.


weese said...

I clicked back and read Detail's obit - you are clearly good dog people.
What is Cosine ailing from?
We are currently nursing two 'hospice' pets.
Our minpin is in kidney failure and our cat has cancer of the sinus. I doubt the cat will make it through the winter. the dog - is hard to guess at this point.

Princess Wild Cow said...

I'm so sorry about your dog. I have only had two in my life. My first developed bone cancer and died in my arms. It took me over five years before I could get another one. And now I have "Old Piss Eyes" and I treasure her every day. May your parting be peaceful and know that you and Cosine are in my thoughts.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for your thoughts, you two.

Weese, Cosi isn't suffering from anything specific other than plain old age. She did have a bout of geriatic vestibular syndrome from which she has never completely recovered however which has added to her frailness.

She's a sweet old girl, she is.