December 11, 2004


Did I mention we have a guest this week? Bonnie is staying with us. Not our lesbian friend Bonnie, rather Bonnie the dog that lives in the yard behind us.

Bonnie eats like no dog I've ever before known. Think "scarf" as a verb. She attacks food like she's never eaten before and may never eat again. At times I wonder if she's going to eat the bowl too. I timed her this morning. Her breakfast was devoured in exactly 21.37 seconds. There is no way she chews it.

Cosine and Dudley have a different approach to dining. We put the allotted amount of food in their bowls twice a day and they get around to eating it whenever they get around to eating it. When they do get around to eating it, they chew. That doesn't work with Bonnie the Scarfer in the house. Wendy and I have to supervise the Doggie Dining Hall.

Bonnie goes home the same day The Boy arrives home for the holidays. This is an unplanned coincidence. I would not complain if Bonnie had to stay a bit longer and/or if The Boy came home a bit earlier. Maybe I would if vice equaled verse.


annette said...

My dog eats like that too. Crazy creatures they are...

Trish said...

My dog, Hinckley, is like that too. I'm convinced he doesn't chew.

Eyes for Lies said...

My dogs are like that. It's like the are "off to the races" when they eat! I also have to supervise them. Last night Charlie got into Lulu's food and wasn't going to come up for air if it killed him. I placed a doggie bed on his head to get him out of it and that didn't stop him. Come hell or high water, he is going to SNARF!!

My doggies are fat too, and overfed and that doesn't stop them either. I even let Lulu eat until she tossed it up once -- that didn't help either. I thought it would be a cure -- not.